Charter Boat Massive Confusion

The Chicago Charter Boat  “MASSIVE CONFUSION” was a big step forward for my boats. The boat is a 38foot Delta Coast Guard Multi Passenger charter boat. The biggest difference in this boat is the fact that the coast guard allows for up to 14 passengers and Crew at any time aboard this boat. Because of this larger groups can be provided for on 1 boat. The pricing of the charters are listed below.

Massive Confusion”
Chicago 2024 Rates (Montrose Harbor) #14 Persons Maximum
Rates are the same any day of the week and are for up to 7 persons (Massive Confusion only!).  Additional $135 per person each additional for more than 7 passengers up to 14 Maximum.

Half Day Fishing Charter                 6  hours                         $1185.00         

Full Day Fishing Charter                 8 hours                           $1385.00         

Evening Cruise Charter                    3  hours                         $1085.00

** Charters are available for up to 14 passengers (Massive Confusion only!) **

Additional hours available on the water at $125.00 each.   Ask your Captain if he recommends it.