Brown Trout

Capt. Bob’ Lake Michigan Charter boats fish the Southern waters of Lake Michigan and occasionally encounter what we term “The Bulldogs of the Midwest” AKA Brown Trout

Brown Trout (aka Bulldogs)

The Brown Trout is caught less frequently than others because of a very spooky nature. There seem to be quite a bunch of Trophy Browns caught off of the Chicago waters every year. They prefer this area because of the slightly discolored water found in shallower waters. They can also be comfortable in warmer waters than their Salmon cousins. Some big Browns are also caught occasionally in the late summer off of Northpoint Marina. These fish keep fighting even when they are in the cooler. The average size is between 6 & 10lbs however certain genetic strains of Browns can exceed 30lbs. The best times to catch Browns are early spring or during spawning time which is in August. They are the most beautiful and make great mounts because of the large spots on their whole body.

Illinois State Record 36lbs 11 1/2oz
Wisconsin State Record 41lbs 8oz
Indiana State Record 29lbs 3oz
World Record 44.3 lbs